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"Multimedia portraits and acrylic paintings are currently the vehicles through which my work is conveyed. Earth tones, brilliant colors, and skin tones are used most often. Photorealism, Hyperrealism, and Surrealism are the aesthetics which I use to tell the story of the post-modern Diaspora. I want people to see the life I’ve seen and want to see with emphasis on the similarities and differences in the everyday lives of melanated people. There is always a perspective of thoughtful emotion and introspect in my artistic process. I create to glorify the higher energies and frequencies from which this gift came. Ultimately, my goal is to give my children tangible and intangible benefits from which they can thrive on in their future."

Arris Cohen, known as Sir’ra, is a Cleveland born, Columbus based, classically trained visual artist who has been working professionally since the onset of the pandemic. His artistic vision is based in the diaspora and telling the story of his creative journey as African-American. Using vibrant colors and geometric shapes with melanated peoples as his primary subject matter, his paintings reflect Afrofuturism and Afro Surrealism. His love for painting has recently expanded to large scale murals and continues to diversify as he has been afforded the opportunity to teach and give back to communities that are more than similar to that from which he grew. He looks forward to continued growth and opportunity to inspire people to be symbols of life and positivity in a landscape where not much else can thrive, just like the Baobab Tree. His affinity for Art and giving back has transitioned into instructing high schoolers at Franklinton High School. He hopes to further that endeavor in the near future while continuing to focus primarily on his journey as a multidisciplinary artist. 

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